Travel Awards

This document is a brief summary from the SNF guidelines provided to you by PEth-NET regarding the SNF Exchange Grant. As the reimbursement is provided by the SNF, their rules apply: Reimbursements will happen after the conference and Individuals from Switzerland are not eligible for support.

Accomodation reimbursement

Accommodation and subsistence costs for the invited participants based on a flat rate of up to CHF200 per overnight stay. The number of overnight stays requested may exceed the number of days the event is scheduled for by up to two; e.g. for an event of three days, up to five overnight stays can be requested. Please do not list accommodation and subsistence separately; in your proposal, for each invitee provide the number of overnight stays and the flat rate used, e.g. 4 x CHF200 = CHF800.

Transfer reimbursement

Travel costs for a return trip to Switzerland for each of the invited participants can be covered (entirely or in part) by the grant. This includes train travel or flights in Economy class, transfers to and from the airports or train stations, transportation in Switzerland, and visa costs, up to the maximum travel costs covered by the SNF as defined by region (see the travel costs list). Unless there are valid reasons to do otherwise, travel within Europe should be conducted by train. Please do not list separate amounts for flights or train travel and local public transport in your proposal.

Travel cost maximum according to SNF

Registration Guidelines

Please note that conference fees are not covered.