The 2022 PEth in Mind Conference

The Society of PEth Research (PEth-NET) will host its 2022 conference under the title

“PEth in Mind”

The conference will take place in Basel, Switzerland, as a two-day in-person meeting at the devil’s court (Teufelhof). Interested individuals are kindly invited to submit their scientific contributions (abstracts) and/or laboratory presentations together with their conference registration. Abstract submission will close on the 15th of February. Registration will close on the 15th of March (spaces are limited). For a successful meeting, we would like to have each participating laboratory nominate one individual who shares their current practice of PEth testing and interpretation during the laboratory presentation session. These laboratory presentations will lay the foundation for the discussion on PEth harmonization during the second day of the conference.

Date: 19-20th May 2022

Location: Teufelhof, Basel, Switzerland

Audience: PEth-NET Members/Laboratories measuring PEth

Language: English

Format: in-person only

How to get to Basel: directions are available here

Accommodation: Accommodation options must be arranged individually. Rooms are available directly at the Teufelhof at a discounted rate (conference contingency, run of the house).

Abstract submission closes: 15th of February, review finished until 1st of March

Registration closes: 15th of March, spaces are limited


Day 1: We will start the meeting with a keynote presentation by our PEth-NET Scientific Board member Professor Wolfgang Weinmann from the Institute of Forensic Medicine Bern, Switzerland, followed by a morning full of PEth presentations from you, our PEth-NET members. In the afternoon we plan to learn and discuss how our member’s laboratories are analyzing PEth and interpreting results. For this session, each participating laboratory is invited to present its approach during a 15-20 minutes presentation. Afterward, the first day of the meeting will end with a nice dinner where the knowledge gained can be deepened even further.

Day 2: On the second day of the meeting, we will discuss the gained information from the previous day, to see if there is a possibility to find and set common standards for PEth analysis, cut-off concentrations, and interpretation (PEth harmonization). Overall, we are aiming in having a rather active congress where members are asked to engage personally (workshop).

Awards: The society of PEth Research will once again present two awards, one for the best presentation and one for the best innovation. The two awards will be presented by Shimadzu.

Thank you to our Sponsors

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