2021 Spring PEth-NET Online-Session Schedule

TimeNo.SpeakerTitle of PresentationSession Chair
16:00-16:05Welcome Message
President Marc Luginbühl
16:05-16:201Katleen Van Uytfanghe“Yes, I tested positive for phosphatidylethanol, yet my experts confirm my result is compatible with abstinence.”Friedrich Wurst  
16:20-16:352Joseph JonesThe excessive use of ethanol-based hand sanitizer does not provide a reasonable explanation for a positive phosphatidylethanol result
16:35-16:503Marc LuginbühlVariation in the relative isomer abundance of synthetic and biologically derived phosphatidylethanols and its consequences for reliable quantification
16:50-17:054Frederike StöthPEth – What we know and what we do not know about the alcohol biomarker
17:05-17:205Nathalie Hill-KapturczakComparison of the extraction of PEth homologues from human venous blood using isopropanol, isopropanol/hexane or methanolFrederike Stöth
17:20-17:35 Virtual Coffee Break
17:35-17:506Pablo BarrioPhosphatidylethanol for monitoring alcohol use in liver Transplant Candidates: an observational studyFrederike Stöth
17:50-18:057Judith HahnPhosphatidylethanol (PEth) alcohol biomarker sensitivity among adults reporting unhealthy alcohol use: An individual patient data meta-analysis
18:05-18:208Stefan GauglerFully automated correction for the hematocrit bias of non-volumetric dried blood spot phosphatidylethanol analysis
18:20-18:359Michael BöttcherStability of PEth in routine samples from three different blood collection approachesMarc Luginbühl
18:35-18:5010John RoacheSensitivity and specificity of PEth as predictor of drinking observed in the past two weeks
18:50-19:0511Martin JavorsThe ratio of Phosphatidylethanol (PEth) 16:0/18:1 to PEth 16:0/18:2 as an indicator of recent abstinence from alcohol consumption
19:05-19:10 Farewell Message
Vice-President Frieder Wurst
19:10 till end  Open Symposium for questions, suggestions, praise, and criticismPEth-NET Board